The King

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The King

Postby Xhost » Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:23 am

I'm a little worried about what the King will want us to do to gain favor with him and keep our 'Houses' from being destroyed when he invades. I thnk that it may involve us taking control of our own houses, but at what cost? And what of my cousin? What side will he take? I think we need to look at the possiblity of rasing an army here. Men, elves, dwarves...anything we can put together to push him back and keep him from our lands. If only we had more knowledge of his rise to power and his reasoning for doing what he has done, and what he plans to do.
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Re: The King

Postby James » Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:15 pm

I can't offer sugestions one way or the other. As GM i do not want to lead you one way or the other, but I can offer some info that your charactwer might know.

1) chances of getting the Khuzan to march would be slim to none. As long as they are secure in their mountain halls they would ignore the "human" wars. And they would not worry about trade because what ever king sits a thrown, they will still want khuzan good and steel, and will trade for it.

2) the Sindar have not interfered with humans since the battle of sorrows, over 1200 years ago. They did not stop Lothream and his gargun, so why would they interfer with the politics of the humans.

3) Kaldor is not threatened. Why would they send resources and men to fight a distant battle that has nothing to do with them? Tharda is not even at war yet.
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